Once a year, your child gets to have a special day that may become forever imprinted in their minds as they grow. While we do not remember every birthday party as we grow older, the really good ones tend to stand out.
Making those birthdays really count should be fun and not require you to burn out yourself in preparation. You can choose to host the entire event yourself, or you can choose an awesome venue that has all the party action ready for you.

An amazing way to do that and have an amazing and memorable birthday party is to host it at a trampoline park.

That’s right, let those little monkeys go wild and get out all of that extra energy. It’s all the joy of a bounce house, but bigger, better and with less hassle!

If you’re not convinced yet, here are 6 reasons why having your child’s birthday party at trampoline park is an awesome idea.

1. They’ll Get Tons of Exercise

Everybody needs exercise to stay healthy and a trampoline park is a great way to have tons of fun while play games and getting their blood pumping. Jumping on a trampoline offers many benefits, including increasing blood flow and stimulating immune function.

2. You Can Relax While They Go Wild

You don’t have to bounce while at a trampoline part. You can still be a part of the fun by being the designated photographer or playing the part of the loving judge for your all the kids’ great moves. In addition to that, exercise is known to improve moods and help with behavioral problems. This means potentially less time acting as a referee or dealing with temper tantrums and more time just having fun.

3. Food and Party Favors Are Taken Care Of

Summit Trampoline and Adventure Park caters party packages to your needs so you can let out a sigh of relief that your party planning won’t make your schedule crunch. There’s no need to worry about cooking, decorating, clean-up or making arrangements for catering. You can enjoy freshly cooked food that is brought straight to your table and let the staff take care of the details.

4. The Kids Go Home Tired

The only thing that is better than a great party with lasting memories is a fantastic and memorable party where everyone goes home peacefully and happily in bed within a couple of hours. Between getting out all of their energy and crazy antics out and enjoying their food and cake after all that good exercise, your kids might be nodding off on the ride home.

5. Good Memories

There are only so many years you have to give your kids great memories of childhood birthday parties. When your birthday plan is naturally in a place that encourages good moods, fun, and silliness, as well as taking care of the party details for you, you won’t have to stress yourself out too much about everything being fun. To top it all off, you can use your camera to capture mid-air splits and bouncing faces of pure joy to look back on in photo albums.

6. Fun For Any Age

Summit Trampoline and Adventure Park is made for kids of all ages. Jumping on a trampoline has its joys, no matter how old you get, and the trampoline parks are designed to accommodate different age groups in different areas. This can be as simple as a foam pit for younger children, and more complex areas that are made to host games such as trampoline basketball in others. You can bring all your kids along and chances are that nobody will have to feel left out.

There you have it, make your life easier and make great memories at the same time. Trampoline is considered an effective type of exercise, so feel good that they may be getting some health benefits at the same time.

Your child’s birthday is going to be a lasting memory for you and for them. Make it an awesome one with the simple and blissful joy of flying in the air while jumping on a trampoline!

Summit Adventure Park is great for your birthday party or special occasion!
A Party Host is designated for all of your party needs: setup, serving pizza and cake, supervision in the trampoline areas, and clean-up.

Included in every birthday package:

Party Attendant
Plates, cups & plasticware
Party setup & cleanup
Parties start on every hour.
The birthday child is included in the total headcount.
Soda is included for all jumpers
Summit Adventure Park Souvenir T Shirt for the birthday child
All Day Jump Pass to use anytime for the birthday child
2×1 jump passes for all jumpers

Parties allow jumpers access to the whole park:

Main Jump Courts
Battle Beam
Interactive Light Wall
Ninja Warrior Course
High Performance Trampolines
Kid’s Trampoline Court
Kid’s Tower
Wipeout Arm
Battle Beam